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Codes & Construction

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    Expansion Joints in Large Buidings

    The normal recommendations for spacing Huber Engineered Wood panels are 1/8” at panel ends and edges. These spacing recommendations will accommodate most building situations. However, when the building exceeds 80 feet in length, the cumulative expansion of adjacent panels may bow joists, rim boards, and push end walls out of line. To address this...

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    Exporting AdvanTech® Panels

    Many countries have regulations for solid wood packing material (SWPM) imported from the United States. According to these regulations, all SWPM, bracing and dunnage made from coniferous trees need to be heat-treated and certified in order to prevent further introduction of the pinewood nematode as well as other wood destroying organisms.

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    Third Party Certification

    The International Building Code defines Oriented Strand Board, OSB, as wood structural panels intended for structural use complying with the requirements of Department of Commerce PS 2, Performance Standard for Wood-Based Structural-Use Panels. Section 2303.1.4 of the IBC states that every panel shall be designed and fabricated in accordance the applicable standard and identified by the trademarks of an approved testing and inspection agency indicating conformance with the applicable standard.

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    Performance Category Explained

    This Technical Tip explains what Performance Categories are according to PS2-10 and how they relate to panel thickness

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    Load-Span Tables for AdvanTech® Flooring and Sheathing

    Allowable pounds per square foot loading based on deflection, bending and shear values.

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    Attachment of Non-Load Bearing Walls to AdvanTech® Subflooring

    Foot traffic near interior walls can sometimes cause incremental movements resulting in noises from fasteners rubbing against the AdvanTech floor panel edges. To address this potential source of noise, the sole plate should be securely fastened to the floor joist system as shown below.

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    LEED and Green Building

    Green building programs are helping to increase the efficiency with which buildings use resources in regards to energy, water, and materials.

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    Performance Catergory Explained

    This Technical Tip explains what Performance Categories are according to PS2-10 and how they relate to panel thickness.

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    What Makes AdvanTech Better?

    Find out what distinguishes AdvanTech from the competition.