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Welcome. As part of our commitment to supporting the success of design professionals, Huber Engineered Woods has created this online library so that you can easily access and download the technical documentation needed to include AdvanTech and ZIP System products in your project plans. Please contact us at any time should you need assistance.

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AdvanTech® Flooring delivers performance and peace of mind into every floor you build. It's the award-winning industry leader, meaning you'll get the most from your floors and everything you build on top of them.

ZIP System Sheathing and Tape is a one-of-a-kind structural roof and wall system with a built in energy-efficient barrier that keeps moisture out and reduces air leakage, while still allowing panels to properly dry.

At Huber Engineered Woods, we create innovative, high performance and environmentally responsible products that allow your roofs, walls and floors to live up to their full potential.

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