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Installation Tips

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    Installing AdvanTech® Subflooring Over a Concrete Slab
    concrete, slab, installation

    There are two methods used to attach AdvanTech® panels to concrete slabs. Both methods require the preparation of the slab.

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    Installing 2-Layer AdvanTech® Flooring
    2, two, layer, system, subfloor, flooring

    AdvanTech® may be installed in 2-layers if the first layer is installed like a subfloor and the second layer is installed like an underlayment. The following steps outline the installation process for a multi-layer assembly using AdvanTech.

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    Installing Spray-In Foam Insulation with AdvanTech®
    insulation, spray, foam, installation

    There are two types of spray-in insulation, Closed Cell Foam (Rigid) and Open Cell (Semi-Flexible) Foam Insulations. Both these products come in a variety of derivatives such as soy, polyurethane, polyisocyanurate, icynene, etc. These types of products are suitable for use with AdvanTech® flooring and sheathing.

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    AdvanTech® Panels Installed as a 2-Layer Floating Subfloor
    AdvanTech, subfloor, 2-layer, floating, subfloor, multiple

    AdvanTech is an excellent subfloor for use in 2-layer floating subfloor systems.  The following steps outline the installation process for a 2-layer floating subfloor assembly using AdvanTech.

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    Installing AdvanTech over Metal Framing
    light, gauge, metal framing, steel

    There are two types of fasteners that are recommended when attaching AdvanTech panels to light gage metal framing: screws and pins. This document discusses the proper fasteners and installation steps for attaching AdvanTech subfloor panels over light gage metal framing.

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    Proper Spacing of AdvanTech®
    edge, spacing, seam, installation

    AdvanTech® flooring and sheathing is a dimensionally stable engineered panel product. However, like other wood products, AdvanTech flooring and sheathing may expand and shrink with changes in moisture conditions. If panels are installed without expansion gaps, buckling and/or edge ridging may occur.